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As we know this year has been a literal roller coaster. We have felt happy and sad, free and enslaved, victorious and defeated. Well, one thing that has been undeniable is that 2020 has brought exposure. It has brought enlightenment. While there has been so much confusion, there has also been clarity.

Our fitness journey is the same way. I know how it feels to gain 50lbs and wish it were easy to drop. I also know how it feels to have become stronger than you have ever been in your life. The most important thing to focus on during your journey is your mindset. It is your perception. The framework of how you think will determine your experiences. BE OPEN TO FAILURE! If we never fail, we are not trying hard enough. "Life is a slam dunk, when you're living with low goals" (Sho Baraka). The level of effort needed to truly transform mean you are pushing your limitations. When we are fully committed to both the goal and the process, we can handle the misses. It will be crucial to always be teachable and seek knowledge relating to your goals.

You are greater than the scale. In all we do, it is necessary to separate ourselves from the aesthetics and measurements. You are great because you were created great. Jesus tailored you to be great. Your weight does not define you, so live beyond the weight. Mentally, set your emotions above the number on the scale, but apply your passion in the direction needed for your success. If we fail, we change the method, not the goal.

Lastly, I encourage you to stop looking at yourself and searching for what you hate. Don't look for the traits that bother you. I have had so many people point out their own wait, what they call bat wings, legs rubbing together, how skinny they are, how weak they are. Listen, the feelings are real and need to be accepted and worked through for a moment. Once that moment is over, there should be a desired vision of yourself. FOCUS ON THE VISION. What does this greater version of you do regularly? What habits do they have? are they connected to people that drain them, or support them? Focus on those answers and chase that lifestyle one day at a time. Focus on one habit at a time. Shift your focus, and you change your life.

God Bless

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